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Leading Payroll Services

For over 20 years we have been committed to providing unrivalled service to our many clients across the UK, delivering the latest solutions, and expanding our capabilities through ongoing research and development.

As a result, we can offer you HR software and payroll management solutions that are constantly being adapted and updated to respond to the demands of an ever-changing business world and increasingly stringent compliance requirements.

Exceptional Customer Service

As well as providing clients with outstanding software, CPS also focuses on delivering an exceptionally high level of customer service – we want our clients to feel that working with us is a pleasure. We are very proud of the fact that several of them have been with us more or less since the company was formed.

Transparent & Efficient Communication

We have received excellent feedback about the relationships we develop, and the transparent & efficient communication that exists between our team and our clients. Some of the comments we have received include that they do “such an amazing job” and are “so professional and approachable…nothing is ever too much trouble”.

A Bespoke Approach

One of the things that makes us stand out is the level to which we are able to tailor our software to meet the precise requirements of our clients. Irrespective of whether you are seeking HR software, payroll software, a fully outsourced solution or an integrated combination, we can work with you to create a bespoke solution for your company.

Friendly & Professional Support

If you ever need to call us with any queries, you will not have to face the frustration of sitting in a lengthy phone queue waiting to have your call answered! Our friendly, professional management team provides our efficient help desk support, the majority of whom are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP).


Our History

We have been helping all types of businesses across the UK with HR & Payroll solutions for over 20 years, with a particular focus on larger organisations ranging in size from 100 to 15000 employees. Our highly customisable, fast, efficient and stand-alone payroll outsourcing services are flexible enough to work with any type of business, whether it is a comparatively new start-up or a well established corporate organisation.

Our Mission

For over 20 years CPS has held a leading role in the market of Payroll & HR solutions, focusing on businesses across the UK. Our company is committed to providing unrivalled HR & Payroll solutions services through constant innovation, research and development.

Our Vision

We understand that every company is unique. As such, we take great care in understanding all of the intricacies of your exact payroll processing requirements in order to design highly customised payroll services that match your needs to perfection.

Choose CPS

Our proprietary Legislator™ software sets us apart from the best of the rest. It is this technology that means we are the only company worldwide that can provide 24/7 access, two-hour payroll processing, and unlimited automatic reports, delivered to unlimited recipients, in pdf or excel format. By eliminating the need for human intervention, you reduce your risk of errors, and cut off time can be as close as payday minus three days.

about us CPS


All our systems & services meet industry standards recognised by bodies such as HMRC, BACS & BASDA.


A wide range of organisations across various industries in the UK rely on CPS to manage their HR and payroll services – and have done for many years.


With extensive expertise and industry-leading accreditations and qualifications, our highly experienced team has made sure CPS has become recognised as a leading market provider of payroll & HR solutions across the UK.


With over 20 years of experience across multiple industries, CPS has become the HR & Payroll software provider of choice for many companies and organisations thanks to its ease of use and reliability.

CPS Accreditations

Our range of accreditations demonstrates that we are trusted by payroll bodies throughout the UK and gives you the reassurance that we operate to high quality standards.

See How We Can Help You

CPS has become the outsourced payroll provider of choice for many businesses across the UK. So if you are looking for payroll providers or HR solutions for your company why not discuss your needs with one of our friendly advisors to see how CPS can help you? We’d be delighted to give you an online demonstration of the software, provide you with a quote and answer all the questions you have.