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Running a payroll is complex and time-consuming and that is why many companies take the decision to invest in outsourced payroll services, leaving payroll to the professionals, so they can focus on business growth.

Our fully managed payroll services are tailored to meet the precise needs of your organisation, giving you extensive flexibility that ensures you receive the exact level of support you require for your organisation.

Data can be provided in a variety of ways. You might already have systems in place for the collation of your payroll data – via excel spreadsheets or reporting systems for example – and you would prefer to continue providing it in the same format. Alternatively, you might decide that you would like to utilise our payroll bureau solution.

What Are Managed Payroll Services?

A managed payroll service from CPS is an outsourcing solution where we take care of all your payroll needs. This includes calculating salaries, handling tax compliance, managing deductions, and doing all the necessary reporting.


By choosing CPS for your managed payroll, you can trust that everything will be handled accurately and efficiently, keeping you in line with all the latest regulations.


This service lets you focus on your business while we ensure your payroll is spotless and stress-free.

Full Or Partially Managed Payroll Service

Exceptionally Flexible
Cost & Time Effective

It is straightforward to get up and running, intuitive to use and the automated features ensure that costly errors are avoided. The wide range of modules within it ensures the software can be precisely configured to meet all of your company’s requirements.


Whatever level of help and support you require with your payroll, we can provide you with partially or fully managed payroll that is exceptionally flexible as well as both cost and time effective.

Outsourced Payroll Services - Key Features

CPS’ fully managed payroll services are recognised for their unrivalled features and the capacity to customise them to meet the needs of the most demanding and challenging organisations.

Our UK-based specialists provide managed payroll services that ensure everything is done according to your exact business needs. You will benefit from 24/7 payroll access with cut off being as close as payday minus three days. Once everything is signed off we can process your payroll in just two hours.

Our powerful web-based systems will provide you with automated reports in your specified format whenever you want them and dispatch them to as many recipients as you wish.

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Accuracy, Compliance, and Flexibility

Our bespoke managed payroll outsourcing services ensure your payroll is using all the correct tax codes, is highly accurate, up to date with the latest legal requirements, and risk-free.

• Data accepted in a variety of formats depending on what suits you best
• Fast turnaround – we can process your payroll in just two hours
• A payroll that can be run at any time to suit you
• Unlimited draft runs available 24/7
• Pension auto enrolment service option
• Late cut off times
• Queries responded to instantly

Payroll Made Easy

Some of the unique advantages of choosing our payroll outsourced payroll service are:


Fast Data Migration

Guaranteed smooth transition from your old systems to our platform in a rapid time frame.

Automated Reports

Batch report manager to automatically create all payroll processing reports as part of the calculation run.

Easy Integration

No room for human error with unique automated features and seamless integration with our HR software.

Unlimited Access

Access the system to generate reports or make changes 24/7 from any location.


Customer Care

Highly trained and qualified team to answer all your questions.

Free System Updates

Protected investment with our commitment to constantly keep the system up to date.

Fully Managed Payroll Services

Our fully managed payroll services eliminate the need for employing a payroll professional within your organisation. Our dedicated CIPP qualified team members are able to support you with help and advice every step of the way.

  • Data accepted in any format
  • Fast turnaround
  • All-inclusive cost per payslip
  • Dedicated account manager
  • CIPP qualified support staff
  • Unlimited draft runs
  • Auto enrolment service option
  • P11d processing option

CPS Managed Payroll Service

Payroll processes must be 100% accurate and reliable but running those processes takes time and requires extensive knowledge. This is why our clients have decided to opt for managed payroll with CPS.

Features of our fully managed payroll service include:

• The option to use our online software as an information tool
• An online portal for payslips & P60s
• Unlimited reports distributed to unlimited recipients
• BACS files transmitted for any payroll liability such as PAYE and court orders
• Unbeatable accuracy and customer service

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Tailored Payroll Solutions

You might prefer to retain more in-house control over data input and have flexibility over how many payroll processing tasks are outsourced.

The flexibility of our cloud-based software can accommodate this, ensuring that no matter which option suits you best, you can always have full confidence that your employees will be paid accurately and on time.

Choose to use our managed payroll service software and you will be provided with a dedicated CIPP qualified member of the CPS team.

They will work with your organisation’s chosen point of contact to import and manage information in whatever format you wish to provide it in. They are there to support you with help and advice every step of the way.

Payroll Outsourcing Guide

Explore the world of payroll outsourcing with our detailed guide. It’s designed to provide insights into how our Fully Managed Payroll services at CPS, including all its features and benefits, can positively impact your organisation, streamlining your payroll processes effectively.

See our payroll outsourcing guide here.

Onboarding & Training

From the very first day, we provide a wide range of training courses to ensure your employees are getting the most out of our bespoke Payroll and HR software. We also provide a dedicated software solutions consultant to export data from existing databases, migrate it to your new platform and get you all set up and ready to roll.



  • Confirmation of your services
  • Receive your planner deployment
  • Agree a migration date



  • Meeting with our CPS consultant
  • Adapt the deployment plan to your needs
  • Finalise the plan



  • Handover and processing of your data
  • Custom software development
  • Finalise data migration



  • In-depth training on all key features
  • Access to relevant online courses
  • Accounts creation



  • Handover of all login credentials
  • Finalise all product upgrades
  • First demo run

Managed Payroll Services - FAQs

What is a managed payroll service?

A managed payroll service is an outsourcing solution in which a third-party provider assumes responsibility for all aspects of payroll management for a business.

This service includes tasks such as salary calculations, tax compliance, deductions, and reporting, enabling businesses to delegate payroll responsibilities and ensure precise, efficient, and compliant payroll processing.

Why is payroll software important?

Payroll software streamlines the process of payroll calculations and deductions, offering several advantages to businesses.

With the automation it provides, there is a significantly reduced risk of human error in the payroll process, ensuring that your employees are accurately compensated.

Ultimately, by taking over the more intricate aspects of payroll processing, managed payroll service software not only improves accuracy but also enhances efficiency and provides peace of mind to businesses, ensuring that employees are paid correctly and on time while maintaining compliance with legal requirements.

Is fully managed or part-managed payroll outsourcing better for me?

A fully managed payroll system allows an external payroll provider to completely organise your payroll. This includes paying employees on time and calculating their holiday and sick pay. A fully managed payroll service will also contact HMRC on your behalf. It is cost effective and you won’t have to worry about your employees getting paid.

You’ll have more control over your payroll services if you opt for a part-managed option, and you’ll be able to outsource most of the day-to-day running of your payroll while you are still able to input into the function.

How much does fully managed payroll cost?

The cost of a fully managed payroll services will depend on how big your company is and how many employees need to be covered. Contact us today for more information and a quote.

Which businesses qualify for fully managed payroll?

Fully managed payroll services are typically available to a wide range of businesses, regardless of their size or industry.

Businesses that opt for fully managed payroll often include those seeking a comprehensive solution that handles all aspects of payroll administration.

This service is suitable for companies looking to outsource payroll completely, allowing them to focus on their core operations while payroll experts take care of payroll processing, tax compliance, and other related tasks.

Whether you are a small startup or a larger organisation, if you prefer a hands-off approach to payroll management, fully managed payroll services can be a valuable option to consider.

Do I need payroll software?

If you’re considering handling your payroll in-house, it’s essential to invest in reliable payroll software that meets the necessary HMRC compliance standards.

Payroll software not only simplifies the payroll management process but also ensures that you adhere to legal and regulatory requirements when handling employee compensation.

How much control will I have over a managed payroll service?

Even if you do opt for managed payroll solutions, you’ll still have the ability to control how the managed payroll service operates for your business, even as we take care of the rest.

This flexibility enables you to customise the service to align with your unique business requirements while benefiting from the expertise and convenience of a managed payroll service.

What is the difference between managed and outsourced payroll services?

Managed and outsourced payroll services are similar but have some differences.

Outsourcing is often for one-time projects or specific tasks done by external experts, whereas managed payroll services are used for long-term projects and collaborations.

Managed payroll services involve an ongoing partnership that covers day-to-day payroll tasks and strategic support, providing a comprehensive approach to payroll management services.

Is a managed payroll service right for your business?

Determining whether a managed payroll service is right for your business depends on various factors.

If you’re looking to streamline your payroll operations, reduce the risk of errors, and ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations, managed payroll solutions can be a valuable asset.

It’s particularly beneficial for businesses that want to free up internal resources, save time, and focus on core activities, rather than managing payroll intricacies.

If your business is expanding or dealing with complex payroll requirements, a managed service can provide expertise and scalability.

Ultimately, the decision should align with your specific needs, budget, and growth objectives, so it’s worth considering the benefits it can offer in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and compliance.

Managed Payroll Service

Check our available Managed Payroll Solutions to see which one is suitable for your payroll needs:

Payroll Software

This solution allows you to use our intuitive, highly secure and cloud-based payroll software, Legislator™.

CPS Managed Payroll

Our team of payroll specialists will take care of everything, including calculation, processing and reporting.
Dedicated account manager
Dedicated payroll expert ready to help & assist during office hours
Payroll processing
Process all gross-to-net calculations and other required transactions
Live run
Pay your employees on time
BACS payments setup
Issue BACS instructions for employee payments
Comprehensive payroll reports
Process and export payrun reports to meet your organisation payroll needs
End of financial year payroll processing
Prepare and submit your FPS to HMRC, producing P60s for all employees while ensuring new tax year legislation requirements are met
Auto pension enrolment
CPS assess and enrol your employees into your chosen pension scheme, calculates contributions and ensures compliance with auto enrolment.
Employee access
Easy-to-understand employee portal with online payslips, P60s, and integration with our HR software.
Legislator™ & other product upgrades
To ensure your investment lasts well into the future we include free upgrades to all our software as part of the subscription cost.

CPS Accreditations

Trusted by payroll bodies throughout the UK

See How We Can Help You

To find out more about how our managed payroll processing services can deliver significant benefits to your company, please do get in touch with us to talk through your needs with one of our advisors. They will guide you through the options available, including integration with our HR software if required, and also provide you with a quote.