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Confused By What Is Required To Comply With Pension Auto Enrolment?

Get past the confusion with our Pension Auto Enrolment Software.
Introduced as part of Workplace Pension Reform and rolled out over a period of several years since 2012, Automatic Pension Enrolment is now something that every single employer in the UK must comply with. But for many companies, it is a complex payroll issue as well as a complicated pensions issue.

Yet no business can afford to get it wrong.

How Can You Stay on Top of the Obligations Concerning the Workplace Pension Reform?

As an employer it’s your responsibility to enrol all of your employees in a pension scheme and then make ongoing contributions into it. There are many other obligations on you too, including facilitating employee opt ins and opt outs, monitoring for re-enrolment and providing all of the communications as required by legislation.

What can happen if you fail to stay on top of your pension schemes?

It can be confusing and trying to keep on top of it all can be highly time consuming. And if for whatever reason you fail to comply, you might be faced with the Pension Regulator enforcing substantial penalties.

Automatic Pension Enrolment is a crucial part of the Workplace Pension Reform, which affects every single employer in the UK. Failure to comply can result in substantial penalties being enforced by the Pension Regulator.

Meet Your Workplace Pension Obligations

With Our Pension Auto
Enrolment Software

To limit the impact these issues can have on your business, our company has designed the most advanced Pension Enrolment Software to date. We can help you meet your legislative obligations with the minimum of effort on your part. Our auto-enrolment payroll software is straightforward to implement and ensures full pension auto-enrolment compliance.


Our workplace pension scheme software will accurately and reliably guide you through all of the auto-enrolment complexities to ensure your company is fully compliant with its pension obligations and meets all Pension Regulator requirements.


Our pension auto-enrolment software is designed for companies ranging in size from 100 employees to large organisations of up to 15,000 employees.

Pension Auto Enrolment Software by CPS

Our pension management software is designed to ensure seamless processing of your employees’ pension scheme. 


With each pay run, our systems automatically assess eligible employees, handle opt-outs, and facilitate the enrollment process for those who choose to join the scheme.


This efficient and reliable approach saves you time and effort, providing you with peace of mind in managing your employees’ pension benefits effortlessly.


What will happen once you’ve completed our assessment?


Once the assessment has been completed, the pension payroll software will deduct all necessary employee and employer contributions, refund any contributions following opt-out notifications and create the necessary communications for your employees as required by law.


The software also has the flexibility to cater for postponements and will conduct a re-enrolment assessment on a three yearly cycle. The pension auto-enrolment software can generate a full suite of reports along with an employee history screen of assessment events and on-screen copies of employee communications.

Assesses Eligibility

Our auto-enrolment services automatically assess eligibility criteria as part of the payroll calculation process, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulations.

Handles Opt-out and Opt-ins

With our cutting-edge pension software, you get a seamless solution to efficiently process both employee opt-ins and opt-outs of the qualifying pension scheme.

Send Pension Information

Easily and securely transmit data directly to any pension provider with just a few simple clicks, eliminating the hassle and streamlining the process.

Pension Enrolment Software

Our Pension Enrolment Software is designed to take care of the entire burden of auto enrolment, ensuring you meet all of your company’s legislative obligations with the minimum of effort and without taking up excessive amounts of time. The software:

  • Automatically assesses eligibility as part of the payroll calculation
  • Caters for postponement
  • Handles opt-out and opt-ins
  • Creates all necessary employee communications each pay run
  • Produces a suite of reports
  • Conducts re-enrolment assessments on a 3 yearly cycle
  • Is fully compliant with Pension Regulator requirements

Onboarding & Training

From the very first day, we will provide you with a wide range of training courses to ensure your staff know how to get the most out of your bespoke software. You will be provided with a dedicated Payroll and HR software solutions consultant, who will work closely with you to export the necessary company data from your existing databases, migrate it to your new platform and get you all set up and ready to roll.



  • Confirmation of your services
  • Receive your planner deployment
  • Agree a migration date



  • Meeting with our CPS consultant
  • Adapt the deployment plan to your needs
  • Finalise the plan



  • Handover and processing of your data
  • Custom software development
  • Finalise data migration



  • In-depth training on all key features
  • Access to relevant online courses
  • Accounts creation



  • Handover of all login credentials
  • Finalise all product upgrades
  • First demo run

Pension Auto Enrolment Software - FAQs

How does pension auto-enrolment software work?

Pension auto-enrolment services provide a seamless process that simplifies the task of enrolling your workforce into a workplace pension scheme. 

This handy feature eliminates the need for individual employees to navigate through an extensive administration process on their own, ensuring a hassle-free experience for everyone involved.

Who needs pension auto-enrolment software?

All employees, regardless of their occupation or role, must be covered by pension auto-enrolment software. 

This essential requirement ensures that individuals, including freelancers, the self-employed, and directors without an employment contract, will have the opportunity to benefit from this valuable scheme.

How can pension software save time for employees?

Your employees won’t have to sort out their own pension themselves and can easily rely on the automated system to ensure that they will have a fund when they retire. Our auto-enrolment pension system will save you time – and as they say, time is money.

Why is pension auto-enrolment software important?

Pension auto-enrolment software is incredibly important because it guarantees each of your employees a retirement income once they stop working. 

Pension auto-enrolment is also a legal requirement and auto-enrolment payroll software is key in ensuring that all your employees are covered.

Does your pension auto-enrolment software integrate with other systems?

Our auto-enrolment software is designed to seamlessly integrate with various systems, including our HR system and managed payroll services

This ensures a streamlined and efficient process, allowing for easy management of employee benefits and payroll data. 

With our software, you can effortlessly synchronise and consolidate crucial information, simplifying your administrative tasks and saving valuable time and resources.

Is pension software easy to use?

Our workplace pension software is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing for seamless navigation and ease of use. 

We provide comprehensive training and onboarding sessions tailored to your team’s specific needs, ensuring that they are fully equipped to maximise the benefits of our products. 

Our goal is to provide you with a seamless and efficient experience, empowering your team to effectively manage their pensions and make informed decisions for their financial future.

See How We Can Help You

Are you looking for payroll providers and HR solutions that solve the headache of compliance with pension auto enrolment requirements? Our Pension Regulator compliant system will give you the reassurance of knowing your organisation’s pensions obligations are being completely taken care of. To discuss your requirements and the various options available, please do get in touch with one of our CIPP qualified team members today. They will be delighted to have a chat with you about your company’s exact needs, explain more about how CPS can help you and provide you with a quote.