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Are you looking for a cost and time effective payroll bureau service that will make processing your organisation’s payroll as easy as possible? Would it help to be able to make changes as late as 2 days before pay day? If so, then our cloud payroll service is exactly what you need.

Our custom-built cloud payroll software, Legislator™, is easy to use and will save you time, cut costs and eliminate all the pain associated with running your payroll.

Quick & Simple

You simply access your employee records online, make any required payroll changes, and then click the button to notify us to start processing.

Fully Supported

Your dedicated & payroll-qualified CPS Account Manager then instantly springs into action to process any pension auto enrolment opt out or opt in notifications, and source tax code changes and student loan start and stop notices directly from HMRC.

Within a short timeframe the payroll is meticulously processed and all your agreed reports are delivered to your system inbox for your review. You can then make any late pay changes and either choose another draft run or give the go ahead to finalise the payroll.

Your CPS Account Manager will then take care of all the heavy lifting; sending the HMRC RTI files, creating P45s for leavers, sending the bacs file, and anything else you wish us to handle such as uploading pension files to your scheme provider or processing the payments for AEO deductions or the PAYE liability.

Employee Self-service

We provide your employees with simple easy-to-use tools as well. They have the choice to either access their payslips with our proprietary smart phone app or use our intuitive web based interface. These portals can also be used by employees to receive their P60 at the end of the tax year, or their P45 when they leave.

You can also choose to interface with our HR module for employees to request holidays, which can then be approved or declined by their Line Manager through our unique workflow platform.

Our cloud-based payroll solution is guaranteed to remove all of the stress of running payroll and HR admin.

It couldn’t be more simple.

Increase Payroll Accuracy

Our payroll service is one of the best payroll bureau software available.


Our cloud based payroll solution incorporates a range of unique features that have been designed to increase payroll accuracy, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring that all payroll accounting is fully compliant.


Why not get in touch with one of our experts today for a chat about how our online payroll solution could help to transform the payroll processes in your organisation?

Intuitive, Highly Secure Payroll Software

Accessible From
Any Location

Our payroll management software is cloud-based, you will not need to physically install the software – you simply need a web browser to access it.

Cloud payroll software is straightforward to implement too, ensuring a smooth transition within a short time frame and minimising any disruption to your processes and business.

Once the desktop payroll software is up and running you will then be able to process your company’s payroll securely from any location with an internet connection.

That enables you to generate reports or make changes 24/7 to suit you.

Seamlessly Integrate Online Payroll Software with HR Software

The flexibility of the accounting software lends itself to customisation for integration with other systems if required.

If you are currently considering upgrading both your HR and payroll management system, there are substantial benefits to be had by choosing to use the HR Legislator system.

The HR software is designed to work seamlessly with the Payroll Legislator software, increasing cost effectiveness and providing far greater efficiency overall.

payroll providers helping 2021
IR35 released

We make it our priority to ensure that the Legislator Payroll software remains fully up to date, both in terms of compliance with the latest regulations and in terms of meeting stringent security requirements that ensure the confidentiality of all data held in the system.

CPS continually invests in ongoing research and development that makes sure there are frequent software updates, providing you with the important reassurance of knowing you are always guaranteed to be using the most up to date and secure version in your organisation.

If you would like to find out more, please do get in contact with us.

Payroll Made Easy - Payroll Management

The Legislator software is also completely scalable. Our clients’ businesses range in size from 100 to 15,000 employees so you can have the confidence that it can be readily scaled up to accommodate business growth if required. Some of the unique advantages of choosing our payroll services are:


Fast Data Migration

Guaranteed smooth transition from your old systems to our platform in a rapid time frame.

Automated Reports

Batch report manager to automatically create all payroll processing reports as part of the calculation run.

Easy Integration

No room for human error with unique automated features and seamless integration with our HR and payroll software.

Unlimited Access

Access the system to generate reports or make changes 24/7 from any location.


Customer Care

Highly trained and qualified team to answer all your questions.

Free System Updates

Protected investment with our commitment to constantly keep the payroll system up to date.

Legislator Payroll Software

Our software is some of the best payroll software available. Our online payroll software is backed up by an exceptional level of attention to detail, top tier customer service, and constant investment in research and development.

  • Cloud-based – accessible from any location
  • Unlimited pay and deduction codes
  • Complete auto enrolment compliance for unlimited pension schemes
  • No software to install
  • Constant FREE updates
  • New users can be added in minutes
  • Real-time “always on” connection to HMRC
  • Online self service portal for payslips and P60s
  • GDPR compliant

Onboarding & Training

From the very first day, we provide a wide range of training courses to ensure your staff is getting the most out of our bespoke HR and Payroll software. We also provide a dedicated Payroll and HR software solutions consultant, to export data from existing databases, migrate it to your new platform and get you all set up and ready to roll.



  • Confirmation of your services
  • Receive your planner deployment
  • Agree a migration date



  • Meeting with our CPS consultant
  • Adapt the deployment plan to your needs
  • Finalise the plan



  • Handover and processing of your data
  • Custom software development
  • Finalise data migration



  • In-depth training on all key features
  • Access to relevant online courses
  • Accounts creation



  • Handover of all login credentials
  • Finalise all product upgrades
  • First demo run

Cost-Effective and Simple Payroll Management Software

Why is payroll software important?

Payroll management software streamlines the process of paying employees.

This software handles math for wages, including bonuses and holiday or sick pay, making sure everyone gets paid the right amount on time.

It also eliminates the possibility of human error whilst complying with tax regulations, meaning less stress and less worry.

Can payroll software integrate with other systems?

Yes! Payroll software can easily integrate with your existing software systems and other tools. When you synchronise your payroll software with all the other software you have, it will make data exchanges between all these systems far easier.

Do I need payroll software for one employee?

You can efficiently set up a payroll system even for a single employee, whether they’re full-time or part-time. 

This approach ensures accuracy in payment calculations, effectively eliminating concerns about potential human errors in the process.

Is fully managed or part-managed payroll outsourcing better for me?

The choice between fully managed payroll services and part-managed payroll outsourcing depends on your specific needs. If you’re looking for a complete solution that handles all aspects of payroll, then fully managed payroll services are ideal. 

This is especially beneficial if you lack the time or expertise to manage payroll tasks. On the other hand, part-managed services are great if you want to retain some control over certain payroll functions. 

For small businesses, using payroll software for small business can offer a balance between control and convenience, allowing for more time to focus on business growth.

How much control will I have?

With outsourced payroll, the level of control you maintain can vary based on the service model you choose.

If you opt for a payroll management system or online payroll software, you’ll have more hands-on control over your payroll processes, with the ability to access and manage data anytime.

In contrast, fully managed payroll services offer less day-to-day control but ensure that all aspects of your payroll are handled by professionals. Remember, even with outsourced payroll, you’ll always have the final say in payroll decisions and oversight.

Do I need payroll software?

If you decide to manage your payroll in-house, it’s crucial to not only use payroll software but also to ensure that the software adheres to HMRC standards.

This compliance is key to maintaining accurate records and meeting legal requirements.

Using HMRC-compliant payroll software streamlines the process, reduces the risk of errors, and helps in keeping up-to-date with the latest tax laws and regulations.

How does payroll software save time for employees?

Managed payroll services will save time for employees as they won’t need to wait around for their salaries or worry that they will be incorrectly paid from one month to the next. 

Payroll software can be automated and it takes into consideration your employees’ national insurance contributions, so your employees won’t have to manually calculate payroll.

Is payroll software easy to use?

Our cloud payroll software is very easy and simple to use. We provide dedicated onboarding and training services to make sure that your staff understand how to use it effectively.

As it’s a cloud-based payroll system, you can access your payroll system from anywhere with an internet connection, which is perfect for remote workers and businesses with multiple locations.

How long does it take to set up?

The setup time for an outsourced payroll system can vary based on the complexity of your payroll needs and the specific payroll software UK providers you choose.

Generally, transitioning to an online payroll software or a payroll management system can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

The process involves migrating your payroll data, setting up employee details, and ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

Payroll Solutions

Check our available Effective Payroll Solutions to see which one is most suitable for your organisation’s payroll needs.

CPS Payroll Bureau

This solution allows you to use our intuitive, highly secure and cloud-based payroll software, Legislator™.

CPS Managed Payroll

Our team of payroll specialists will take care of everything, including input, calculation, processing and reporting.
Legislator™ cloud HR or Payroll software
To ensure your investment lasts well into the future we include free upgrades to all our software as part of the subscription cost.
Input data into HR or Payroll system
Input or import variable pay data into the HR / payroll system
Payroll processing
Process all gross-to-net calculations and other required transactions
BACS payments
Transmit instructions to BACS for employee payments
Comprehensive payroll reports
We process and upload pay run reports to meet your organisation's payroll needs. Reports can be created in XLSX or PDF format.
Tax year end processing
Prepare and submit your 'final submission' FPS to HMRC, producing P60s for all employees while ensuring new tax year legislation requirements are met
Pension auto enrolment assessment
CPS assess and enrol your employees into your chosen pension scheme, calculate contributions and ensure compliance with all parts of auto enrolment legislation.
Manager self-service & employee access
Easy-to-understand employee portal with online payslips, P60s, and integration with our HR software for holiday requests or permitting employees to update their personal data
Dedicated Account Manager
Dedicated, CIPP qualified payroll expert ready to help during office hours

CPS Accreditations

You will see from our range of accreditations that CPS is trusted by payroll bodies throughout the UK. As an ISO 9001 accredited organisation, you can be assured that we have the highest standards when it comes to the quality of both the software itself along with the customer service we provide.

See How We Can Help You

Would you like to find out more about how our Legislator payroll software can help you? Why not get in touch with one of our team advisors today? They would be delighted to answer any questions you have, arrange a demonstration of the software and provide you with a quote.