Why You Should Choose Corporate Payroll Solutions As Your Payroll Outsourcing Partner

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For the last two decades, Corporate Payroll Solutions have been providing businesses with exceptional, world-class payroll management services that are second to none. Payroll is an essential part of your business but can be an incredibly stressful task for an employee to take on – which is why our team are here to assist you. If you would like to know why you should choose Corporate Payroll Solutions as your payroll outsourcing partner, please feel free to carry on reading.

Impeccable customer service

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Here at Corporate Payroll Solutions, we are very proud of our ability to provide outstanding customer service for each of the clients we work with. Customer advocacy is a major part of what we do. We work hard to make sure each and every client is completely satisfied by the service they receive. We ensure you receive transparent clear information that you can rely on to be accurate. We also ensure you are clear on processes and costs up front so there are no nasty surprises with hidden fees and costs.


With over 20 years of experience in our field of work, we have worked with customers of every size from a wide range of industries. Our clients trust us to manage their payroll outsourcing requirements because we’re able to offer them a global scale of expertise with on-the-ground, local knowledge. We are also recognised by bodies such as HMRC, BACS and BASDA, being the payroll outsourcing company of choice for organisations across the UK.

Can help streamline your business

Payroll is an essential part of any business, but it does demand a lot of time and attention to detail – which is costly. The more time your employees spend on payroll, the less time they spend managing the business. However, if you decide to work with Corporate Payroll Solutions, you have the ability to better utilise your resources and labour throughout the company. With our fully managed payroll service, you also do not need to keep a payroll professional in your organisation – just a go-to contact member of the team.


When working with Corporate Payroll Solutions, you can rest assured that a member of our team will always be hand to help with any queries you may have. Our staff are dedicated to keeping up to date on any changes that could affect your payroll, guaranteeing that you stay in compliance – being much less likely to make a serious error than your in-house staff.

As a business, we have two different payroll outsourcing solutions for you to choose from. One of which is our CPS Managed Payroll service – which is where our team of payroll specialists will take care of everything. This includes input, calculation, processing and reporting. Our exceptional Legislator™ software also makes us stand out compared to our competitors, as we are one of a few payroll outsourcing companies worldwide that can provide access 24/7, two-hour payroll processing, and unlimited automatic reports, delivered to unlimited recipients, in pdf or excel format.

To have a conversation with a member of our team regarding our payroll outsourcing services, please feel free to telephone us on 01442 285460. Alternatively, complete the contact form on our website and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.